A Tool For Auto-Installing CPAN Packages

Clement Chan cchan at mvista.com
Tue Oct 16 20:45:00 UTC 2007

I have problems installing the GD and XML::Twig modules for Bugzilla 3.0
on FC7, and I can't go to 3.2 because it's risky for the production

The staging server seems to be working fine, it is not a problem for
upgrading. But setting a newly installed version on the workstation
machine for development is a pain. ...still can't pass the checksetup.pl
for a day of work.

I am running FC7, and it uses mostly latest versions of libraries and
Perl modules, the downloaded CPAN modules just clobber over each other.

A quick and dirty solution is to have a list of the perl modules. If the
latest isn't available, I can always grok for archive folder of the
Author to retrieve earlier version. 

This will help me to install everything with just one pass, instead of
juggling with dependencies issues between modules. Automation isn't as
helpful for me. 

Does anyone happen to have the libraries and Perl module version list

- Clement  

On Tue, 2007-10-16 at 01:48 -0700, Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> 	To make Bugzilla installation easier, I've written a script
> that takes the hard work out of installing CPAN packages, and also
> easily allows a user to install CPAN packages to the local Bugzilla
> directory if they're not root.
> 	Anybody who feels like they have some experience with CPAN or
> wants to give some input is free to look over the patch here:
> 	https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=262269
> 	This will be the recommended way to install Bugzilla's Perl
> dependencies starting with Bugzilla 3.2.
> 	-Max

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