email interface into a module?

Craig craig5 at
Thu Nov 29 00:39:07 UTC 2007

I am using Bugzilla 3.0.1 (yes, I am upgrading to 3.0.2 this week. ;> )

We would like to enable the "email interface". However, our mail service
is outsourced. I have written a simple script to talk to mail server
(via IMAP) and grab the messages.

Obviously, I can then use "" via a system call. But, that
seems kinda klunky... (But, it is a good short-term solution.)

I don't want to re-write the parsing routines or the logic checks. (And
thus use the XML service on the bugzilla server.) I want to be able to
*get* the emails in a custom way, do my own logic checks, and then have
something else to parse the body and load it into the DB.

So, what if the bulk of the "" code was moved into a module

And then was changed to be just a "wrapper" that would read
from STDIN, etc. But, the bulk of the work would be in the module (and
thus available as an API).

I am a pretty decent perl programmer would be more than willing to code
this up... but, wanted to ask if this sounds like a reasonable course.


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