PerlNET? (was: Re: New language discussion?)

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Thu Nov 8 19:04:48 UTC 2007

Andrés G. Aragoneses escribió:
> Steve Wendt escribió:
>>> many people would start contributing when many languages are available
>> It seems to me that getting contributions in several languages would 
>> be completely unmanageable.
> I agree with you but not completely. Maybe the optimal way would be to:
> a) Consider only ONE language (for core Bugzilla bits) which could be 
> the better considered one by the most important developers of Bugzilla 
> (regarding this item, CLR interoperability would be just an instrument 
> to allow progressive re-write from PerlNET to this language).
> b) Allow CLR compatibility at an add-in/extension level, in order to 
> allow people design modules that could not be part of the official 
> release (identical as Firefox has succeeded this way, but allowing any 
> language).
> c) Besides the "best language" in term (a), allow an additional subset 
> of languages (decided by community) for less important parts or 
> contributed modules that would be interesting to integrate in the main 
> release.
> The idea is to leverage the advantage of having much more potential 
> contributions against the hypothetical situation in which a 
> multi-language product could suppose unmaintainable or spaghetti code.

Furthermore, right now there are many tools that allow decompiling from 
IL code or converting between .NET languages so rewriting could be 
almost automatic.

Think about the situation in which someone created an interesting module 
in VB.NET, but VB.NET wasn't in the subset of "official Bugzilla" 
languages; it could be converted to C# and be included in the main release.


	Andrés	[ knocte ]

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