PerlNET? (was: Re: New language discussion?)

"Andrés G. Aragoneses" knocte at
Thu Nov 8 18:56:39 UTC 2007

Joel Peshkin escribió:
>> Unfortunately I'm only interested in this because it would allow me (and
>> my team) to become a contributor (and I guess that I'm not alone, many
>> people would start contributing when many languages are available to do
>> it). However I surely won't be available for helping in this port
>> because I have minimal experience in Perl.
> Actually, when I stared contributing to Bugzilla,  I was learning Perl and
> learning Bugzilla at the same time. It took a lot more doing to genuinely
> understand Bugzilla than it did to learn Perl.  I suspect others had a
> similar experience.

Actually, I have worked with Perl for more than one year, but I guess I 
have the same feeling as the developer that started the "new language" 
discussion. IMHO Perl is improductive and unmaintainable in many ways 
(however I don't know the new v.6), and many of these kind of 
appreciations have been written here [1].

Besides, my team could only contribute in C# or Java.


	Andrés	[ knocte ]

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