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Thu Nov 8 18:30:52 UTC 2007

Max Kanat-Alexander escribió:
> On Wed, 07 Nov 2007 13:20:37 +0100 "Andrés G. Aragoneses"
> <knocte at> wrote:
>> Thinking about this answer from Jean-Marc, I'm just wondering... why
>> not switching whole Bugzilla to PerlNet in order to allow full
>> CLR-interoperability, and then start accepting components/libraries
>> from other languages (and/or migrating parts from PerlNET to other
>> language, if interesting). I guess that a migration to a new version
>> of a language would be much less time-consuming than a whole re-write.
>> Is PerlNET mature? Does it have an official release date? Will it
>> overlap with Perl v.6?
>> Excuse my ignorance about Perl please. Just my 2c.
> 	I'm pretty sure PerlNET is not mature, and that we'd have all
> sorts of troubles with it, but I think your suggestion is an excellent
> one from a technical standpoint otherwise. Not that we're going to do
> it, just that it is indeed a good solution to what would be a difficult
> problem.
> 	Perl 6 should actually be implementable as a native mono
> language, though Larry Wall says it will be tricky. PerlNET for Perl 5
> is actually just running the Perl interpreter with some Perl modules
> that allow bindings back into .NET.
> 	The other option is to use Facebook's Thrift. I know that some
> people were thinking of writing Perl bindings for it, which would allow
> us to use it for a slow transition.
> 	If you're really interested in this re-write thing, I'd be
> happy to help you with it in terms of advice, but not currently in
> terms of development.

Thanks for your comments!

Unfortunately I'm only interested in this because it would allow me (and 
my team) to become a contributor (and I guess that I'm not alone, many 
people would start contributing when many languages are available to do 
it). However I surely won't be available for helping in this port 
because I have minimal experience in Perl.

Anyway, if I could dedicate my time to this, I wouldn't spend any effort 
until all bugzilla community had agreed by consensus about it, or 
otherwise I guess the effort would be useless.


	Andrés	[ knocte ]

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