Bugzilla Contribution Process (was RE: New language discussion?)

Benton, Kevin kevin.benton at amd.com
Fri Nov 2 22:07:16 UTC 2007

> 	When I originally wrote that patch, I was extremely new to
> Bugzilla development, and I thought, "Oh, I'll just make them 
> used in a
> future patch." Long experience has now taught me that that doesn't
> work, but those are left over as part of that error.

Cut that out...  I've done that... :-)

> 	It would be essentially implemented by:
> 	https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=291433

Thanks.  It would be helpful if a document explained how to find items
like this so others like us would be likely to run across those
features...  Even if it was a pointer to a query that looked for
"wishlist" keywords or something...

> > So are we for the purpose of general use, however, we need the
> > denormalization to keep large volume queries operating relatively
> > quickly.
> 	I wonder if they could be done just as quickly in the way Yahoo
> does it, with UNIONed selects with simple WHERE clauses.

How would that work?  Do tell! :-)  The more we can get away from
denormalization, the easier it becomes to maintain code.  I'd be glad to
have an off-line with you and post the results back to the group.  I
haven't used UNION much at all myself.  I bet I'm not alone...

> > The challenge from an administrative standpoint is anytime 
> someone has
> > to touch a template in order to change help, that's seen as a code
> > change rather than a configuration change.  Maybe I'm out 
> of date with
> > what is happening with the help system, but it's my understanding at
> > this point that changing help requires changing the template instead
> > of data in the database.  I hope I'm wrong. :-)
> 	No, it requires changing a template. That's the only way to be
> localizeable, currently.

That's true when you care about localization.  The challenge that goes
with it is now you have two places where a list of items must be
maintained.  So - now, instead of maintaining the list of components
(for example) in the component list, in this model, I would also have to
maintain the template for my component descriptions.  That's not a level
of complexity I'm ready to support.

> > I don't know how well that will fly with management - spend money to
> > pay a contractor to incorporate something we're giving away into the
> > community version...  Yes, I understand it has benefits, but I just
> > don't know if I can sell it.  It's a valid option to consider,
> > however. The question I will have to be able to answer in order to
> > sell it is can we justify the cost considering the cost of the fork
> > versus remaining much more in-sync...
> 	Yeah, I think that's a good equation. I can tell you that other
> major corporations of a similar size to AMD have done it, and 
> it's been
> definitely beneficial to them. They no longer have to maintain that
> code (we do it for them), which is a huge advantage as more and more
> versions of Bugzilla are released.

That helps to know too. :-)


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