Global Relationships between bugs

Henry Story henry.story at
Wed May 30 23:30:42 UTC 2007

Thanks for pointing this out. I hope I don't have to fill out another  
password registration to comment on that bug...

The problem with how people are speaking about the issue there, is  
that they are restricting themselves to talking about referring to  
bugs within other bugzilla bug databases. It feels a little like an  
attempt at lock in, which is doomed to fail. Bugzilla, however good,  
is never going to own the whole bug market. Much better would be to  
work on interoperation between all the bug systems. That is what the  
baetle vocab is about.

So I think really there is a great opportunity here to do something  
really big.

I am in the bay area right now, btw. So if anyone is around here and  
would like me to give an overview of how this works, so as to make  
some brainstorming possible let me know. I have to fly back to Europe  


On 29 May 2007, at 18:08, Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:

> On Tue, 29 May 2007 10:10:43 -0700 Henry Story
> <henry.story at> wrote:
>> One problem with all bug tracking systems, is that they only allow
>> you to state dependencies between bugs on one open source project.
>> Problem is, that most open source project use libraries from other
>> open source projects, which may themselves have bugs.
> 	Yes, we have a bug for this:
> 	-Max
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