Setting default version for bug creation

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Ok scratch that, doesn't seem to be as easy as that...


For some reason though version is now defaulting to the one I want for
one product... maybe I inadvertently set this mysterious default.version



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Well I had a less than overwhelming response to this problem. None the
less I have found a solution without having to modify Bugzilla...


I'm not sure whether this is Bugzilla functionality or not but if you
prefix a product version with a blank space (e.g. ' 4.2.2') the version
will be selected by default when you navigate to the page, it will
appear in the list without the space and in it's correct numeric order
in the list.





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Subject: Setting default version for bug creation




I'm making quite a few visual and UI modifications to a Bugzilla 3.0
installation. Currently I'm looking at making the 'Version' field set
the latest (highest) version to 'selected' by default.


I'm pretty certain what I need to change in create.html.tmpl is here...


<td align="right" valign="top">




      <select name="version" size="5">

        [%- FOREACH v = version %]

          <option value="[% v FILTER html %]"

            [% " selected=\"selected\"" IF v == default.version %]>[% v
FILTER html -%]


        [%- END %]




For example if I have the versions (they show up in this order, with
'Pre 4.1.3' selected by default):







Pre 4.1.3


In this case I would like 4.2.2 to be selected by default.


I have no idea what default.version is or where to set it... Any ideas
would be much appreciated.



Jarrad Lee


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