Bugzilla installation list and SEO

Jason Pyeron jpyeron at pdinc.us
Tue May 22 15:45:12 UTC 2007

Not sure what I am looking for in the footer?

Is there something to indicate that they do not have a bz install? 

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My (with 20/20 hindsight, foolish) post about the Bugzilla Installation 
List and Pagerank has led to several shady applications in the past few 
weeks, mostly from Poland. Possible example: 
http://www.profesjonalna-reklama.pl/ (check the footer carefully)

Would it be reasonable to say that:

1) The link text for companies is always the name of the company

2) We treat companies which apply with "suggestions" for link text with 
deep suspicion

3) We don't link to pages which have sponsored links


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