Alternate way to store attachments?

Dave Williss dwilliss at
Wed May 16 14:16:19 UTC 2007

Would it be possible to implement an alternate method of storing 
Rather than storing them in blobs in the database, we'd like to store 
them on a normal filesystem.
We do this currently anyway but in a way that Bugzilla doesn't know 
anything about the files.  We have an "errdata" directory on our main 
fileserver with subdirectories which are bug numbers.  Support puts data 
into those directories.  These aren't tiny patches or anything like that 
either.  Sometimes they're hundreds of megabytes.

What I'd like is a way to upload the attachments to this directory 
through bugzilla and also have bugzilla keep a record of who uploaded 
what and the description.

As another useful utility, we have a script (a DOS batch file, actually) 
called geterrdata which takes a bug number and copies the contents of 
the errdata directory for that bug to a local errdata folder.  This 
makes it easier for the developer to get at the data and reproduce and 
fix the error.

Yet another script runs via cron nightly and deletes the errdata folder 
for any bug which has been closed for more than 2 weeks. 

--Dave Williss

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