The Problems of Perl: The Future of Bugzilla

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue May 15 13:44:19 UTC 2007

Thank you for your apology.

Aaron Trevena wrote:
> I've just tried to point out (sometimes in an ill-tempered or harsh
> manner, I'm afraid), that the problem is social rather than technical
> in nature, and the solution is to learn to write code better, rather
> than write the same bad code in a new language.

I think it would be really, really cool if some of the gurus in the Perl 
world were to spend some time looking at Bugzilla and making 
constructive suggestions, in bang-for-buck order, about what we might 
change about our code or our processes to make live easier for 
developers or users. Yes, it would take some time - at least a few hours 
for each person - but it would be a wonderful service that the Perl 
community could perform to benefit (indirectly) the free software 
community as a whole.

Aaron, if you have the contacts and could arrange something like this, 
perhaps on a Saturday afternoon one weekend with all the people in an 
IRC channel (so the Bugzilla developers can answer the Perl gurus' 


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