end to the language advocacy please

Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at gmail.com
Sun May 13 19:05:59 UTC 2007

On 13/05/07, Frédéric Buclin <lpsolit at gmail.com> wrote:
> Aaron Trevena a écrit :
> > How can I be impressed when the guy doing the reviews rants about how
> > much he hates perl and suggests using something else.
> For your information, Max is not the only reviewer, we are a dozen
> active ones. And what you are complaining about is only Max's opinion,
> not the one of the Bugzilla project. Moreover, as he repeated several
> times, he doesn't "hate" Perl. And as far as I know, he is free to
> prefer another language. This doesn't mean he will force us to move to
> another language.

Then I've got a false impression from what I've seen Max say on the
wiki and in his blog.

The wiki discussion page says : ""I think everyone agrees that Perl5
is difficult for large, maintainable applications, and no one wants to
advocate continuing to use it. " and his blog talks about how much
better Ruby and Python would be, before giving a shopping list of pet
hates, and another grocery list on the wiki, it looked like a rant to

> > Bugzilla developers seem to have shunned the Perl community, failing
> > to attract experienced Perl developers, and accumulating an umanaged
> > and almost unmanagable codebase.
> Again, you are talking about Bugzilla developers despite you know
> nothing about them and nothing about what they think. And our code is
> much more readable and usable than 2 years ago.

Mea Culpa - Max has just informed that the two places I was looking at
haven't been touched since he arrived, so it shouldn't be surprising
it looked so old and crufty.

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