end to the language advocacy please

Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at gmail.com
Sun May 13 18:01:49 UTC 2007


I was going to ask for svn commit access and try and sort some out the
sorry mess that is bugzilla's codebase,  but the Python 'advocates'
have been busy spreading FUD and misinformation and generally making
trouble, and I have better things to do than bicker about the
subjective qualities of syntax and the various trade-offs that
different language creators and users make.

Anyway - assuming we've had enough of these totally pointless and
unconstructive "discussions" I was rather hoping we could move on
before I totally lose interest and port Trac to perl because it would
probably be less work than sorting out bugzilla, and well, because I'd
rather use perl than python (which I'm at least honest about).

So - can somebody remove the pointless wiki page about language
discussions before we drag yet more advocates and zealots from every
language to flame and troll, as they inevitably do when ever you
compare languages, and stop with the "Perl made me write bad code, you
can't maintain or scale it" crap please.



p.s. I'd still like a cvs commit account - maybe coding would help
blot out the incessant whining from the python users on the list about
how hard perl is.

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