The Problems of Perl: The Future of Bugzilla

Tomas Kopal Tomas.Kopal at
Thu May 3 17:44:34 UTC 2007

On 3.5.2007 19:35, Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
>> * support for designer-tools / debugging assistants I know that there
>> are many Java / PHP / C# Tools, but I don't know any perl/ Ruby etc
>> tools, to support development. 
> 	Oh, interesting point. There's a really good interactive
> shell for Ruby (irb) and Python's is built-in. There are probably other
> tools I don't know about, also.
> 	-Max

There are GUI debuggers for Python (e.g., syntax highlighting
built-in in most modern text editors, there is also a plugin for Eclipse
for Python development, including code completition aids and debugging

But this decision is not about tools...


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