bugzilla backend tasks in evolution to manage bugs

Abhishek Parwal pabhishek at novell.com
Thu Mar 29 12:18:41 UTC 2007


I am writing bugzilla backend tasks in evolution to manage bugs as
This will download all saved searches of a user from bugzilla and also
fetch the buglist in each saved search query. The Saved Search query
will be shown as tasklist and bugs as tasks. The details like
summary,description,attachments(patches) will be shown appropriately.
The data for all these will be stored in cache and on refresh intervals
deltas of changed bugs will be fetched. 

For all this firstly we must be able to query the bugzilla for its
version (as we are fetching buglist in iCal format whose support comes
with bugzilla 2.22) then also query for authentication of user to
bugzilla with username and password. Then we query to fetch saved
searches and then query to fetch buglist in iCal and then probably to
fetch the individual bug description,comments and attachments.

Thus i need help for authentication, quering version, for fetching saved
searches, buglist, attachments,description.

Can you give me some pointers(help) to find all this.. 

Thanks in advance.


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