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Fri Mar 16 05:40:34 UTC 2007

On Thu, 15 Mar 2007 17:50:55 -0700 "Benton, Kevin"
<kevin.benton at> wrote:
> I did read the code.  As I said, this can be a source of confusion for
> developers who don't expect nested transactions

	Um, what? They ought to expect them--they're documented and I
explained just now that they happen.

> Time 6:  Routine B discovers it must roll back.
> Time 7:  Routine B calls $dbh->bz_rollback_transaction.  This causes
>          bz_rollback_transaction to actually roll back the entire
>          transaction.

	This is correct. As I said, Bugzilla will not depend on
rollback for correctness. The only time rollback will happen is during
a fatal error.

	The situation you specify will never happen in Bugzilla code.
Nobody will ever rollback and then return to another function.

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