Reuse of Bugzilla Authentication

David Miller justdave at
Wed Jun 13 09:39:40 UTC 2007

Jochen Wiedmann wrote on 6/13/07 2:33 AM:

> I am reusing the Bugzilla accounts for authentication in subversion
> and WebDAV. In order to avoid problems with the '@' character in
> account names, I have also added a field "login" to the Profiles
> table. (For example, my user name is "jochen.wiedmann at",
> but my login is "jwi".) The login is used for Basic authentication.
> Is that of any interest to others?

I think Bugzilla already has an equivalent to this...  a column intended
to be used to map to userids on an external system...  looking at the
schema, I think this is the "extern_id" column.

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