Self-Introduction: Gregary A. Hendricks

Gregary Hendricks ghendricks at
Thu Jul 12 23:15:47 UTC 2007

This is a really good way to get to know people you may have been
familiar with by IRC handle only. 
So, on to the good stuff. :P

Full legal name: Gregary Allen Hendricks (Greg is fine or ghendricks in

  * City, Country: Provo, UT USA
  * Profession: Information Technology and part time graduate student.
  * Company: Application Engineer at Novell Inc.
  * School: Capella University
  * What do you want to help out with?
	I am in the wonderful position to be paid to work on open source. This
means I can work on anything so long as it is in line with my employers
needs. Of particular interest I have worked extensively on the
import/export component including and its related files. I
am also involved with extending Bugzilla to allow plugins (Testopia) for
adding functionality.

  * Historical qualifications 
	I have been involved with Bugzilla since 2004 and most of my Perl
experience comes from working on this and Testopia. I have a degree in
Electronics and Information Technology from Brigham Young University. I
have been involved in Linux and open source since 2000. 

  * What other technical projects have you worked on in the past?
	In addition to Bugzilla, I am the project lead/developer/tester/support
of the Testopia project designed to extend Bugzilla to allow tracking of
test cases and related information.
I am also a member of the QA team for Bugzilla. 

  * What level and type of computer skills do you have?
	I consider myself rather well versed in the world of computers and
computer networks in general. My primary interest has been in web
development. I am fairly well rehearsed in HTML, Perl, Javascript
(Including AJAX), SQL and Database design and management and Java.
  * Anything else you'd like to say.
	When I am not hacking away at a keyboard, I am usually hacking away at
orcs and other monsters in one form or another (FFXI Gediminas on
Lakshmi) or playing with my kids. I too like to make music (we should
get together and jam sometime Max) and enjoy reading a good book once in
a blue moon.

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