Self-Introduction: Max Kanat-Alexander

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Thu Jul 12 03:13:35 UTC 2007

	Although I obviously don't need to do this, just to start off
the tradition and to show everybody the format, I wanted to write a
self-intro for myself. :-) Other current developers can feel free to
write one or not, as they wish. :-)

Full Name:
  Max Kanat-Alexander

  Mountain View, California, United States

  Chief Engineer at Everything Solved, Inc.

What do you want to help out with?

  Primarily for the last several years my goal has been to clean up the
code and architecture of Bugzilla.

  The world of open-source bug-trackers has changed a lot in the last
few years, and I want to make sure that Bugzilla remains competitive,
and stays "the de-facto standard in bug-tracking". :-)

  Also, lately I've been wanting to help build community in the
Bugzilla Project, and increase the number of developers working on the
Project. Any help that I can get in that area is very welcome. :-)

  I've also ended up being the Release Manager for the last several
years, because apparently nobody else has wanted to do it. :-)
But if anybody else wants to, I'd be completely happy to train you up
and eventually let you take over that job.

Historical Qualifications

  I've been fixing computers since I was eight years old, and I've
been a professional technician for over 12 years now. In a nutshell, I
can basically make any computer anywhere do anything that's possible to
do. (Within reasonable limits, of course!)

  I suppose I started programming TI-BASIC on my calculator. :-)
I took some classes on basic programming in college (learned C, Java and
some important basic lessons on design of programs).

  I have a fairly good understanding of networking, email,
databases, object-oriented design, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Perl, Java, RPM, and of course Bugzilla.
I have lots of other computer-based skills, too, the ones above are
just highlights.

  I'm also the author of

  I have some skills in UI design, although mostly in the area of
usability, and not as much in the area of "let's make it look pretty".

  I have lots of experience managing and writing policies. I have
lots of general writing experience, technical and non-technical.

Anything Else You'd Like To Say

  I'm also a songwriter and a theatrical director, so if anybody
wants to put on "Bugzilla: The Musical" I could help you out there. :-D

  I'm happy to have the opportunity to contribute to Bugzilla, and I
enjoy working with you all.

  For anybody interested, my technical blog is at:

  Which has RSS at:

Competent, Friendly Bugzilla Services. And Everything Else, too.

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