The New Contributor Documentation (AND: Self-Introductions!)

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Thu Jul 12 02:44:16 UTC 2007

	So, as a major part of the ongoing effort to make it easier to
contribute to Bugzilla, the documentation for new contributors has been
completely overhauled and moved to the Wiki! You can read it here:

	That's generally focused at people who want to contribute code
to Bugzilla, but most of it's still useful for anybody modifying any
part of Bugzilla.

	I imagine that in the future we'll have similar pages for
documentation, QA, support, etc.

	If you want to make some major change to those Wiki pages,
check with me or justdave first. But if you just want to make little
changes, just go ahead and do it! :-) I watch all those pages, anyway.
So if there's any vandalism or anything, I should catch it.

	Please be very wary of editing the main steps on the
Bugzilla:Developers page--they are supposed to be as short as

	You'll notice one particularly new thing, at the very top of
the page--self-introductions! This is an idea I stole from the Fedora
Project (and the Fedora Documentation Project in particular) that I
think works really well. :-)

	Basically, when a new person shows up, they introduce
themselves on the developers list! It's not *mandatory*, but it helps
us realize "Oh hey, there's a person here and they want to help!" and
it also starts the process of building trust and creating community.

	All the links to the Contributor's Guide on now
point to this new page.

	Also, this finally clarifies that the *reviewer* should be the
one to ask for approval, not the contributor (of course, experienced
developers can make exceptions as they see fit). A reviewer is more
likely to understand the purpose of approval, and know what flags to

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