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Bill Barry after.fallout at
Thu Jan 18 22:10:48 UTC 2007

> Despite what bug 9412 says, enhancements don't have a severity. They 
> have a priority, and they might have an estimate (in time-tracking) 
> but they don't have a severity. Splitting the field up in mainline 
> Bugzilla is, IMO, a mistake.
 From bugzilla's documentation on a priority:
This field describes the importance and order in which a bug should be 
fixed. This field is utilized by the programmers/engineers to prioritize 
their work to be done. The available priorities range from *P1* (most 
important) to *P5* (least important.)
Priorities describe what a *programmer* and/or his/her superiors feel 
should be done, and a general order of how to do them.

While an enhancement does not have a severity in the usual sense of the 
word (the impact that the defect has in its existing form as the report 
is filed), the aspects of implementing an enhancement (a modification of 
the system to allow a new use or better use of some system aspect) do 
indeed have an impact on the system, and hence a risk assessment 
including the details of how much an impact that enhancement will cause 
justifies the severity of an enhancement.

Another aspect of bug 9412 is that there are bugs in bugzilla that are 
neither defects (on the product itself) nor enhancements. In the current 
system these items are hard to search for without implementing 
specialized nomenclature (meta keyword, questions about 
documentation/code/..., tasks to remember to test under a certain 
configuration, etc.). These issues make it harder to switch from 
bugzilla to bugzilla (or to any other issue tracker). By implementing a 
standardized system for identifying these items we would make not only 
the task of using multiple systems easier, but also the task of 
migrating data between these systems easier.

In my opinion the Milestone field is a mistake. I think it would have 
been superior to use special milestone bugs and dependencies to make it 
very simple to see how multiple bugs are related. A milestone bug would 
also have the added benefit of having a deadline.

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