show_bug.cgi display layout

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Jan 18 20:51:26 UTC 2007

Kevin Benton wrote:
> I was just thinking - for those that have a high number of saved 
> searches, it might be useful to allow the user to specify that they want 
> their searches in a pull-down menu rather than taking up so much space 
> in the "saved searches" section of the header/footer. 

I tried this on a mock-up once. I remember Myk had some usability issues 
with it.

> That would save a 
> bunch of space and still keep it at the top where it's most likely to be 
> used / needed.

But makes each saved search a click - scroll - click instead of just a 
click. And it's worse with a longer list.

> It would probably be best if users can configure whether 
> or not they see their saved searches in a pull-down and whether or not 
> they appear in the header, footer, or both.  

That's the second or third time in this thread that someone has 
suggested making a UI feature "configurable" in case some people don't 
like it. We are in danger of getting Mozilla Suite-itis here. We should 
use established usability principles to work out what's best, and do 
that. That's why, for example, we've resisted having comments in 
non-fixed-width fonts or wider than 80 chars.


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