show_bug.cgi display layout

Bill Barry after.fallout at
Tue Jan 16 14:11:52 UTC 2007

>> 2. a contrib patch to allow secure authenticated inbound emails
> 	This doesn't have to be contrib. I already have code that does
> this, I just have to wait for copyright release on it. We have already
> planned to do this.
How would you do this? Client certs? GPG?
I have a script that will allow inbound email from the inside of our 
network (it works very much like fetchmail, in fact I bet it could be 
replaced with fetchmail), but it doesn't authenticate in any way. An 
authentication mechanism that anyone can use without getting in the way 
of normal email sending/recieving (through outlook and exchange) would 
be awesome (I could open the script up to the outside) but I haven't 
figured out how to do it.
>> 3. better use of the header links section (I think your own saved 
>> searches should go there:
> 	Some people have 50 saved searches.
So have the ability to show your saved searches in the header and/or 
footer in user prefs.
>> 5. display the version in the footer on every page (pref bottom right
>> in a float box that takes up no height)
> 	It's already in the header. Are you looking at bmo instead of
> actual upstream?
Because I have replaced it in the header with a searchbox, I moved it to 
the footer. The header is much more valuable space than the footer and 
should be wisely used.
>> 8. bug types:
> 	Note that that's trivially implemented by adding a "cf_type"
> select field in your own Bugzilla.
Which is exactly what I am doing (and what the bug says). The only 
reason I haven't done it yet is that you say in the bug that we should 
have it in mainline bugzilla for 3.0 (or 3.2). If it gets in to the main 
bugzilla would this cause any issues for those of us that have already 
implemented a custom field with the same name? Is this a testcase that 
has been considered?
> 	-Max

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