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Bill Barry after.fallout at
Tue Jan 16 01:15:34 UTC 2007

Kevin Benton wrote:
> Frédéric Buclin wrote:
>>> Approximately half of you mentioned placement of the comment box. 
>>> Perhaps this issue can be more easily addressed (with concensus) 
>>> than other issues?
>> This issue is specific to b.m.o. Has nothing to do with Bugzilla 3.0.
>>> Has anyone tested a side-by-side arrangement?  That is, have 
>>> comments start at the top of page in a scrollable column of their 
>>> own next to the labels?
>>> I'd appreciate your comments on an example I've mocked up 
>> I have to scroll horizontally to see comments. Meaning that you 
>> should narrow the left column, meaning that you would have to scroll 
>> even more to see all fields. Not sure that's a good idea.
> I agree with you, LpSolit - I don't want to be forced to make my 
> Bugzilla browser window full-screen just so I can see comments without 
> horizontally scrolling.  I also feel that white space on the screen is 
> a good thing
> It just occurred to me - we're not using an anchor index (list) at 
> all.  An anchor index at the top of the bug display would help users 
> jump to the appropriate section and does not have any negative impact 
> on testing.  The only question I have is if the user is interactively 
> editing and they click on an anchor, do they clear their input or does 
> it remain where it was?  That answer may be browser-dependent.   Just 
> thinking out loud :)
> At some point, we may want to consider multiple bug views through a 
> navigation bar on the LHS.  This would give users the ability to see 
> specific pre-defined views that don't necessarily display all the 
> fields, comments or activity.  There is value in limiting the view to 
> "just the facts" that I need to get my job done.  I think each of us 
> would agree that few people want everything in the order given 
> depending on what they're doing.  There are times when we take the 
> role of developer, QA, reporter, etc.  Depending on our role, we care 
> about different parts of the bug first.  RT actually does a fair job 
> of implementing this through tabbed views of bugs.
I'd rather the navbar across the top and to include activity log and 
votes. Menus down the sides seem to always waste space underneath them
We would only want a very limited number of such views though.
I'd say 6 max and I would try to stick to 5 if it wasn't a big deal:
edit (pretty much current HEAD)
bmo style
view (something like kde bugzilla, except even simpler when you first 
look at it; give it client side tabs to get at functionality, like the 
tabs at the bottom of
xml (this wouldn't show up in the tab)

 And the default should be controlled by a user pref.

If we are going to worry about the role of the user, it would probably 
be good to have a different my bugs link for different users. QA people 
(at least here at stellar financial) seem to almost never have anything 
useful in "My bugs" because they need to deal with the bugs later in the 
cycle(when resolved and close to resolved).
> Kevin
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