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Bill Barry after.fallout at
Tue Jan 16 01:00:14 UTC 2007

Frédéric Buclin wrote:
>> what screen size are you using?
> 17", 1024 x 768 pixels.
>> Post 3.0, are there any UI objectives? And what are constraints 
>> will/should be placed on ideas that are submitted?
> Currently no strong post-3.0 objective. We will discuss about this as 
> soon as 3.0 RC1 is released and the trunk open again for development. 
> One direction is to make Bugzilla usable on small devices.
I have a couple of objectives for post 3.0 that I want to push (in no 
particular order):
1. making it very easy to script against and integrate with (email_in 
goes almost all the way here, I only want a little more; something to 
query from the command line with, and to retrieve the new bug number 
when you submit an email through the email_in interface)
2. a contrib patch to allow secure authenticated inbound emails (I'd 
love to be able to reply to a bugzilla email and get my comment in on 
the bug; even better would be to be able to modify the bug using the 
@param syntax). I don't know how this should be done though (I do know 
that email_in shouldn't be touched to allow this)

specific to web UI:
3. better use of the header links section (I think your own saved 
searches should go there: "Home | New | Search | saved 1 | saved 2 | 
saved 3", no "My bugs", no shared searches)
4. put a searchbox and a couple links in the top right corner (the 
searchbox from the homepage, and underneath it put "My bugs | prefs | 
logout user at domain"
5. display the version in the footer on every page (pref bottom right in 
a float box that takes up no height)
6. make the tabs smaller (I hate that enormous tab in the search page 
and user preferences)
7. make it easier to get around the admin sections 
8. bug types:
9. more bug views (currently we have edit, print, and xml; a slimmed 
down edit would be nice with things rearranged)

for an example of what I am talking about (items 3,4,5):
png attachment:
bug for items 3 and 4:

demo of smaller tabs (ignore colors): (on a bug about 
show_bug UI:

A couple things I think would be nice:
linkify the status whiteboard label to a comment # if there is a comment 
number in the whiteboard
rows highlight on mouseover in the attachments table and buglists (just 
a little bit to make it easy to identify the whole row)
alternating rows in buglist alternate in color in all possible cases 
(don't modify the background color because of a priority/severity)
second skin

*note, I haven't voted on any of these, or submitted patches (or bugs) 
to some of the items in this mail due to lack of time, and that I didn't 
want to derail 3.0 (I feel that mod_perl, custom fields and email_in are 
some of the most important features ever to be released in bugzilla, and 
they should get out as soon as possible). I will not submit any new 
patches on any of these at least until 3.0 branches.
>> Is the "personalities" project still a factor?
> This project is pretty dead AFAIK. gerv is the one who was working on 
> it. He could tell us more about it.
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