show_bug.cgi display layout

Wayne Mery vseerror at Lehigh.EDU
Mon Jan 15 22:40:28 UTC 2007

Approximately half of you mentioned placement of the comment box. 
Perhaps this issue can be more easily addressed (with concensus) than 
other issues?

However, I submit even 2.22's top placement (which for those with 
editbug seems to be the concensus preference) is not ideal. I must 
scroll to see the first or most recent comments or get past attachments 
section (which I rarely need to see) and then scroll back up to change 
any fields.  I'd really rather see everything at once, or at least not 
have to scroll much more than one page.

Has anyone tested a side-by-side arrangement?  That is, have comments 
start at the top of page in a scrollable column of their own next to the 

I'd appreciate your comments on an example I've mocked up  Can it be mocked up on landfill?

For reporters and the like who don't have edit privs - 2.23's bottom 
placement might encourage users to read the latest comments before 
commenting themselves. OTOH 2.22's top placement, below attachments and 
above comment 0, encourages nothing IMO - reading of the reporter's STR 
or the last comments. So perhaps 2.23's setup is better.

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