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Kevin Benton kevin.benton at
Mon Jan 15 17:31:03 UTC 2007

Gervase Markham wrote:
> Kevin Benton wrote:
>> My suggestion is that we allow certain blocks to 1) be collapsible, 
>> and 2) be shiftable - meaning that the sequence can be changed.  For 
>> example, some want the comment entry block at the bottom.  Some want 
>> it below the fields listing.  Some don't want to see certain parts of 
>> the bug display (flags for example).  By allowing blocks to be 
>> collapsible and shiftable, users can move what they need to see first 
>> to the top of a bug.  
> My concern about this would be that it would severely restrain our 
> ability to make later changes to the underlying template. If a 
> thousand people have made and stored particular arrangements, we would 
> have an obligation to keep them all working and looking roughly the 
> same. There's no way we could do that testing even if we wanted to.
HI Gerv,

It seems to me that with the advent of custom fields, that this would be 
a reasonable requirement - to be able to shift where certain blocks of 
fields appear.  I'm not suggesting that we allow all fields to appear in 
a random order.  That's something individual site admins can accomplish 
through their own custom templates.  OTOH, I do think it's fair to 
suggest that a block of fields should be semi-movable meaning that it 
would have a certain list of areas where it could appear.

Maybe I'm over-reaching with this request from a testing standpoint, but 
from a usability perspective, I believe it would add a lot to the 
interface by making blocks of fields movable and/or collapsible in a 
semi-limited fashion.


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