Minutes of the last Bugzilla meeting

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Jan 15 16:23:44 UTC 2007

Frédéric Buclin wrote:
> That's one of the reasons some of us dislike the UI on b.m.o. For 
> triagers and QA people who don't need to comment, but only to change 
> some fields, it's a pain to scroll up and down all the time.

Yes. It seems to me that the important parts of the page to most people 
are the fields, the comment box and the most recent comment. With the 
previous layout, you could get them all together by reversing the 
direction of the comments. (I never tried that, but I'd be willing to 
give it a go.) But with the new layout, they are miles apart whatever 
direction you have the comments in, because the comment box is always at 
the bottom.

We should at least have a Commit button up the top as well (and space 
the other Commit button further from the knob, but that's another point).

> Another question of debate is the place where the keywords, status 
> whiteboard and URL fields are. Probably they shouldn't be so high in the 
> page, as most(?) of us probably don't use or need them. The assignee and 
> target milestone seem more important. 

I certainly have to keep hunting around to find the assignee.

> But this is really a question of 
> taste, and as long as there is no consensus, we will probably keep the 
> current UI which is by far not perfect, but much better than the one we 
> currently have in 2.22.

Well, there may be no consensus, but there is "what people are used to"; 
and in absence of consensus, something which doesn't force everyone to 
retrain should be preferred.

> One part of the UI which will be ported upstream for 3.0 is the 
> attachment table (the patch is currently under review) as there is a 
> good consensus about it.

I agree; I like it, apart from I think some of the fonts are a bit small.


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