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David Miller justdave at
Wed Jan 10 06:47:54 UTC 2007

One thing that would probably help is for you to get a Bugzilla account 
and reassign the main Oracle tracking bug to yourself (or ask one of us 
to assign it once you have your Bugzilla account set up).  Then we know 
where it's coming from.  The bugs blocking that one will of course be 
useful things to look at, and of course, if you need to make changes to 
anything outside of the Bugzilla/DB/ file those should be filed 
as separate bugs blocking the Oracle bug so those can get reviewed and 
checked in.

Vashista Bhargava wrote on 1/10/07 12:57 AM:
> Sure Max.
> Bhargava
> On Tue, 09 Jan 2007 Max Kanat-Alexander wrote :
>  >On 8 Jan 2007 13:30:57 -0000 "Vashista  Bhargava"
>  ><vashistabhargava at> wrote:
>  > > Please don't work on Oracle module for Bugzilla. We at Oracle corp
>  > > are working on that and currently in the testing phase. More details
>  > > will follow in the coming days.
>  >
>  >      Hi Bhargava. That's really good to hear! Stay in communication
>  >with us on it, though. We have very particular code standards and
>  >particular ways we want to do some things, so posting a single
>  >monolithic patch that just "makes Bugzilla work with Oracle" won't work.
>  >
>  >      I just don't want you guys to do a lot of work and then have
>  >trouble getting it actually accepted--stay in communication with us and
>  >we can explain to you the best way to actually get things accepted once
>  >it's all complete.

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