Downloading plugins (Was: Summer of Code Projects)

Vlad Dascalu goobix at
Wed Feb 28 19:09:13 UTC 2007

Either that, or create some kind of super "adminshell" priv that's required
for web-based plugin installation.

On 2/28/07, Bill Barry <after.fallout at> wrote:
> Gervase Markham wrote:
> > Bill Barry wrote:
> >> I think it is a big project, but:
> >>
> >
> > Do we really want to encourage administrators to download and install
> > code on their servers without examining it first? Servers and client
> > machines (running Firefox) are fundamentally different here.
> >
> > I might give some non-malicious admin privileges on Bugzilla, but that
> > doesn't mean I want them entering URLs to automatically download and
> > install new code. They might do that even if they never considered
> > using the admin privileges to find a hole in the Bugzilla code, get a
> > shell etc.
> I don't think anyone wants that. The plugin system for bugzilla would
> need to be different than the systems for any of the MoCo software.
> I would suggest each plugin passes a whole bunch of "safety" tests (to
> be determined some time in the future) and would then need to be signed
> by official reviewers (note). The system would only allow plugins to be
> installed that are in the official repository or which are installed
> from a command line via some perl script that accepts a URL. That way
> admins can install official plugins through the interface and plugin
> developers can install theirs through the command line. The command line
> interface would only be documented in the developers guide and there
> would be some sort of advisory that this is not the recommended way to
> install plugins.
> note:
> We don't want plugin developers to be too far off base with the core
> developers of bugzilla anyways; good communication between them is a
> must. So having official code review and security testing would be a
> good thing no matter how much it slows everything down.
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