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David Miller justdave at
Tue Feb 27 17:05:43 UTC 2007

Bill Barry wrote on 2/27/07 9:57 AM:
> Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
>>     Hey, I was thinking that we should submit some applications for
>> Google's Summer of Code, for Bugzilla. Anybody have any ideas of some
>> projects that we could suggest that somebody work on?
>>     -Max
> I think it is a big project, but:

I don't think that's too big for SoC.  Perfect for it, perhaps.  SoC is
supposed to last the entire summer, and it's the intention that they
work on it full time.  So this is probably a far better choice than some
of the more minor projects sitting around.

That said, we do have a few "minor" projects sitting around that would
probably take a week or two of someone's time, but most of the people
actively developing don't have a week to sit still on one specific thing
because we all have real jobs.  A collection of some of these
week-or-two-long projects might be a good SoC project, too.  One example
I'm thinking of here would be the queue runner daemon to offload the bug
change notification mails to a background process instead of making the
user wait while the mail is sent in the web UI.  It sounds big, but I
really don't think it would take long to do.

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