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Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at
Tue Feb 27 06:57:11 UTC 2007

mandag 26 februar 2007 16:13 skrev David Miller:
> Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote on 2/26/07 8:00 AM:
> > It says to mail the dev list if one adds something to the Bugzilla plugin 
> > page, so here goes:
> It does?  That's a surprise to me, and I don't see that when I look, but
> thanks for the heads up anyway. :)

Well, I may be misreading it, but

One thing we'd really like to see for Bugzilla 3.0 is some plugins! Bugzilla 
3.0 has a lot of ways to write plugins, and if it doesn't support what you 
want to do with your plugin, we'd be happy to add hooks for you. Right now we 
don't have a standard place to store plugins, but if you make one, link it 
from the Bugzilla Addons page, and then tell us on the developers mailing 

So... :-)

Hope its ok. I am not totally sure its really a plugin, but it does work with 
bugzilla, and as I have written earlier, one could write a visual studio 
plugin for it, or something like that. (Works with Linux/Mono, actually, so 
one could interface from that as well).



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