Making it Easier to Contribute to Bugzilla (2007 Edition)

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Fri Feb 23 05:03:29 UTC 2007

	A long time ago, some of you may remember a thread called
"Making it easier to contribute to Bugzilla." I saved every email in
that thread and marked them all for getting back to, later. (This was
at the end of 2005.)

	Well, today I've gone over them all, and I'm excited to say
that I'm starting a project to make it easier to contribute.

	The major plan is tracked from here:

	As you can see, there's *lots* of documentation that could be
contributed. (Everything under step 5, there.) The best part is that
it can all go into the wiki, so it doesn't need to go through a review
process or anything!

	My goal is to have 10 active reviewers from a growing pool of
contributors, by the end of the year. By "active" I mean about as
active as myself, travis, LpSolit, and Wurblzap were back in 2005.

	The way that we get reviewers is to get contributors, and the
way that we get contributors is to make it *trivially easy* to
contribute to Bugzilla. And then once we have them, be nice to them!
Don't be mean to them, please. :-) Everybody's a little confused when
they first come into a new project--they just need some help.

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