Open Source Press Relations

Guzmán Brasó gbn at
Sun Feb 18 05:18:52 UTC 2007

I vote yes for a press release JUST for media of opensource software
(slashdot, linuxjournal, etc).

I vote no for a press release for every one who have a webpage. Except we
have someone with the time to follow each one of the news, reply any
question the people who post it may have, etc. I think that some times
could  be extremely time consuming.

I can translate it into latin american spanish and resubmit it to latin
american spanish media of opensource software. I put "latin american"
because I believe the best would be to find someone from spain to
translate it to spain spanish. Latin american spanish and spain spanish
are not equal and sometimes there are words that means the opposite. E.g:
(L.A.  "cojer" is "fuck", Spain "cojer" is "take").



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