Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Feb 8 14:52:26 UTC 2007


I've been through and refreshed the Personas pages:

I assert that Mitch, Peter and Sarah together cover the user base that 
Bugzilla should be focussed on. I'm happy to call this 1.0 soon. Of 
course, they are only as useful as people want to make them. When you 
are designing a feature, think "which persona(s) am I designing this 
for?", and "how would they want to use it?".

Remember, that doesn't mean that everyone who ever uses Bugzilla is 
either "a Mitch", "a Peter" or "a Sarah". For example, in a free 
software project, many developers will be combinations of Mitch and Sarah.

If you really think we need more, read this first:


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