getting custom fields to display in the buglist css classes

Bill Barry after.fallout at
Tue Feb 6 16:43:27 UTC 2007

David Miller wrote:
> David Miller wrote on 2/6/07 11:21 AM:
>> You've already got 'field' there in the loop, you don't need to
>> dereference Bug to get at it.  There
> oops, I sent that prematurely...  what I was trying to say was are you
> trying to get at the value of the field rather than the name of it?
> Looks like it's the same AUTOLOAD method to get at it so that ought to
> work...  there may be some limit to the number of things you can stuff
> in a class field and have the browser notice it, too.  Have you looked
> at the generated source after running that?  I seem to recall that some
> browsers only look at the first 8 things in a class attribute.
I am trying to output "bz_" then the field name, then the field value, 
so for a custom type field with the value of "Feature" it would output:

that is what this line is supposed to do:
bz_[% FILTER css_class_quote %]_[% bug.${} FILTER css_class_quote -%]

However, what it is doing is outputting:

When I look at the generated source I see the following:
class="bz_bugitem bz_normal bz_P3 bz_NEW bz_cf_type_ bz_row_odd"

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