Self-Introduction: Aaron Evans

Aaron Evans ahdevans at
Sun Dec 30 00:23:59 UTC 2007

Hi, my name is Aaron Evans.  I'm sending this email since I want to help
with bugzilla and that's what it says to do at

I connected to with the nick aarone.  I don't really know
how to use IRC.
I live in Cuenca, Ecuador.  I'm a US citizen, originally from Montana,
recently Seattle.  I'm here while my wife does volunteer work with orphans
I'm a tester.  I've done some tools development and a bit of administration
as well.  Since moving to Ecuador, I decided to start a QA consulting
One of the reasons I want to work on bugzilla is because I plan on
supporting it.  I've used it quite a bit at former jobs, and have written a
mozilla sidebar and done some UI re-design in house.  One of my saddest
times at work was writing a script to migrate from Bugzilla to Clearquest.
Actually, it was a great challenge, but I was sad to be moving off bugzilla.
I've never poked inside bugzilla source code before and my perl is weak.
But it's time to brush up.
I want to work on the web service API particularly, since I'm working on a
hosted qa site solution, and I want to have a dashboard page showing things
like bugs opened today, etc.  I'm also interested in improving the UI,
though I'm very happy with the improvements over 2.x.  I'd like to see other
plugin interfaces besides mylyn, including an email interface for creating,
commenting, etc. on bugs.
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