Anybody working on expanded priorities?

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Typically, rather than expanding priorities, users find that
implementing priority in combination with severity, target milestone and
deadline bring combinations that communicate more information than
priority can alone.  Having said that, it's possible to change the list
of available priorities, but from practical experience, using it without
the other fields mentioned above tends to add more confusion than help
reach goals.



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> Hello All,
> My company currently uses the terrible program ESP for defect 
> tracking 
> and I would like to move
> to Bugzilla. However, our company is set up to use a more 
> fine-grained 
> priority model with numbers
> not just P1 to P5 but more like 1 to 1000.
> Is anybody else already working on such a modification? If not I am 
> interested in doing this. Please advise.
> Thanks much -- the bleeding-edge version looks great!
> -- 
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