Question on using WebService API through SOAP WSDL

Sam Baskinger sbaskinger at
Wed Dec 12 21:02:09 UTC 2007

For what it's worth, every time I use a WSDL the stubs have some strange
and mysterious incompatibility.

Unless I'm using the same producer as I am consumer for a WSDL, I
typically avoid them. This comes from using .Net with Xfire with
SOAP::Lite. Just painful.

XML-RPC I've had good success with.

Just my perspective (and a minor sigh of "thanks" to the folks who chose
XML-RPC as the API backbone). :)


Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Dec 2007 12:34:34 -0800 Clement Chan <cchan at>
> wrote:
>>  But if there is a SOAP module in Bugzilla, 
> 	Bugzilla uses XML-RPC, not SOAP. As far as how to make the
> input parameters, you'll have to read the documentation of whatever
> Java XML-RPC library you use.
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