YUI 2.4.0

Craig Sebenik sebenik at umich.edu
Thu Dec 6 12:07:03 UTC 2007

Myk Melez wrote:
> Fergus Sullivan wrote:
>> I'd hate to see any application avoid *optional* use of newer 
>> technologies where those technologies add value.
> I can appreciate this argument.  Flash has made some features easier to 
> develop.  So there are upsides and downsides to either approach.

Doesn't this get away from the basic problem: GD is a PITA.

Whether it is because of the perl modules or not, GD is causing problems 
and a different solution needs to be found. (My $0.02.)

Another server-side solution would be the Image Magick libraries. 
(Personally, I've had fewer problems with Image Magick than with GD.)

I think it would be really cool to generate SVG and then convert them 
using the IM apps to, say, PNGs for display on the web. (Caveat: I have 
*NO* idea what the performance cost of this would be.)

Since people log into bugzilla, wouldn't it be a simple "personal 
option" to use Flash vs "static" graphs? If the bugzilla admin at a site 
  installs the Flash graphs and a user prefers to see them, couldn't 
they just choose to use those pages instead?

Just some random thoughts. :)


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