Bugzilla sexiness (was: YUI 2.4.0)

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 18:08:08 UTC 2007

Fergus Sullivan a écrit :
> It seems to me that the one deficiency Bugzilla really suffers from is a
> lack of 'sexiness'.

You are probably right about its lack of sexiness. Now due to our
limited ressources, we have to choose the right compromise between
sexiness (a.k.a look less oldish, i.e. HTML 3.2-like), new features and
bugfixes, and server load generated by sexiness. If there is a real gain
to use Flash to view charts, then why not. If the goal is only to use
Flash to have the same rendering, then I don't see any interest to move
to Flash. Also, what would be the load on the server if we have more
dynamic and interactive pages? I'm not a performance guru, most of you
probably have a better experience in this area than me, so maybe not
everything I said is relevant here.


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