YUI 2.4.0

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Wed Dec 5 03:43:51 UTC 2007

Max Kanat-Alexander wrote on 12/4/07 10:20 PM:
> 	YUI 2.4.0 came out today:
> 	http://yuiblog.com/blog/2007/12/04/yuii-240/
> 	I was thinking that it might be cool to replace our current
> GD-generated Charts and Graphs with the new YUI Chart control. It does
> require Flash, but I would be OK with requiring Flash to see charts.

I'd be okay with flash as long as it's an additional option and not a
replacement for the inline graphics (i.e. if the flash charts let you
click around and manipulate the chart, that'd be a cool feature, but let
me keep a static image for a normal chart somewhere so I can link them
and so forth).

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