Adding tracking states to Bugzilla

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Tue Dec 4 12:25:08 UTC 2007

On Tue, 4 Dec 2007 02:09:51 -0800 "Z. G. Fuestie"
<zotgimdjumibfirgbe at> wrote:
> I can handle the technical aspects of modifying Bugzilla to do this,
> but the real question I have is should this be done at all?  I don't
> think this is a good idea, (if people want something like
> this it shouldn't be a state) but I was wondering what the people on
> this list thought of adding this kind of state vs. some other device.

	We just keep bugs in NEW for that. There's no need for ASSIGNED
to mean "accepted"--it's obvious that the bug is accepted if it's
assigned to you and you didn't reassign it.

	That's also why we have "nobody" accounts on *those* actually indicate nobody is
working on it, not some status.

	You know, we probably ought to just have a built-in mechanism
for "assigned to nobody" in Bugzilla, since we always seem to need it.

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