email interface into a module?

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Sat Dec 1 02:08:27 UTC 2007

On Fri, 30 Nov 2007 17:51:59 -0800 Craig <craig5 at> wrote:
> As a "first pass", what if all of the subroutines went into a module
> ( and everything below "Main Script" stayed in

	I was thinking something more like Bugzilla::Bug::FromEmail,
but Bugzilla::EmailIn would be fine too. Bugzilla::Email would be

> I have just started reading the developer doc... why doesn't
> use taint mode (-T)?

	No particular reason. It probably ought to.

> has "-w" and "use warnings". Isn't that redundant? If the
> version of perl being used doesn't support "use warnings", then it's
> going to die anyway, right?

	Well, we don't support any version of Perl that doesn't have
"use warnings."

	-w doesn't get activated if you run the script like
"perl ./", but "use warnings" does. For the CGIs, though,
having -w is pretty handy, because for example, in mod_perl you can
disable it easily (the PerlSwitches configuration variable) if you
need to. And I think our test suite actually demands we always have -w
on the #! line.

> Are you refering to the sections of that are preceded by:
> 	"Temporary hack until all of process_bug uses update()."

	No, I mean a function that can update a Bug by taking
parameters in the same way create() does.

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