Self-Introduction: Fergus Sullivan

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Aug 30 09:22:14 UTC 2007

Fergus Sullivan wrote:
> == How do we have dual-master sql proxies? ==
> We have our own secret sauce for this.  It's in use across Yahoo and is 
> central to our BCP/HA planning.  It's proprietary, and not currently on 
> our list to release to open source.

I think the interest expressed here was more "hey, cool" rather than "we 
need this for Bugzilla". Of course, a free software release would be 
great too.

> Calendar and Autocomplete - We already use these in our Bugzilla code Yahoo
> Grids - For clean layout

Wrong URL?

> == When can Yahoo start offering its patches for review ==
> It depends.  We have an internal legal process to approve engagement.  
> That'll take a few weeks to complete.  We should be able to offer minor 
> patches soon after.
> The larger patches will be tricky, as they work for us right now with 
> the rest of our code base.  Remember our code is based on 2.22 and 
> chunks of it are modified.  That said, our is a thing of 
> beauty...

Code thrown over the wall is still better than no code at all. Perhaps 
you might consider posting a giant diff of your code compared to 2.22, 
as well as pursuing a parallel strategy of submitting small, clean 
patches against the trunk?


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