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David Miller justdave at
Wed Aug 29 18:47:04 UTC 2007

Gervase Markham wrote on 8/29/07 2:31 PM:
> Frédéric Buclin wrote:
>>> It seems more irrelevant than the others. I can see vague use cases for
>>> them (although yes, of course, they are just as easy to work around).
>> Your workaround (adding a dot in a comment) is irritating. Better to
>> turn off the parameters in this case.
> You've missed my point. In installations where they _want_ this feature,
> people who can't be bothered to provide the information can work around
> the setting by putting a dot in the comment box. So why bother having
> the setting anyway?

Someone who puts a . in the comment is obviously trying to get around
it, and can be socially engineered if people care about it.  For
installations that want it, the message you get with it completely blank
is a reminder for people who are forgetful, not an attempt at outright

>>> We hard-code a default, which is the default we've been using for N
>>> years now. As it's editable, people can always edit it if they don't
>>> like it.
>> And you still need a mechanism for this "special" saved search. Not very
>> helpful.
> I don't understand your point here. My entire idea is that this saved
> search is not "special" in any way. It's just another saved search. It
> just happens to have been created automatically when you create the
> account (i.e. one line of SQL in the account creation script) rather
> than created by you. After that, it's managed the same way as any others
> the user might create.

You need a way for an admin to edit the query that gets created by
default on new accounts.  Once the account is created, it's all on the
user, but new account defaults should all be settable by the admin of

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