Prefs Removal Proposal

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Aug 29 18:10:54 UTC 2007

Frédéric Buclin wrote:
>> proxy_url: Instead, use OS's mechanism for getting web content.
> Many users reported problems about their proxy not being used correctly.
> That's the reason we introduced it and I *really* see no reason to
> remove this parameter.

So instead of telling users to correctly configure their machines, we 
provide an additional configuration mechanism?

>> commentonreassignbycomponent: don't see the point of this
> No reason to remove this one but leaving the other ones alone.

It seems more irrelevant than the others. I can see vague use cases for 
them (although yes, of course, they are just as easy to work around).

>> Bug Moving: rip it all out; I bet it no longer works
> It always worked correctly and still works fine.

Really? Including classifications, for example?

Who uses this stuff these days?

>> mybugstemplate: the My Bugs link should be a saved search added to the
>> new account, and treated like one, rather than a special undeletable
>> link. This means it's not necessary for admins to be able to edit it.
> And how do you set the default one for new accounts without the ability
> to define it in a parameter?

We hard-code a default, which is the default we've been using for N 
years now. As it's editable, people can always edit it if they don't 
like it.

> I remind you that this topic will be discussed at our next Bugzilla
> meeting next Tuesday (Sept. 4th).

I must have missed that. Thanks :-)


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