Prefs Removal Proposal

Dave Williss dwilliss at
Wed Aug 29 17:54:03 UTC 2007

Gervase Markham wrote:
> Here is a proposal for removing some prefs. Perhaps other people have 
> other ideas.
> *Prefs to remove*
> musthavemilestoneonaccept: just get rid of it; it's trivial to work 
> around
Trivial to work around how? 

We don't want to force milestone on accept.  We *would* like to force 
milestone when setting certain resolved states (FIXED and WORKSFORME but 
not INVALID, NEEDINFO or WONTFIX).  Instead of using Target Milestone 
for "when we want it done by" (as implied by the name *Target* 
Milestone), we use it for "earliest version it was fixed in".

> commentonreassignbycomponent: don't see the point of this 
My removing it, would it then force you to comment on reassign by 
component or not?  I would hope not.  We do set the pref to force a 
comment on normal reassign so the new assignee knows why they're getting 
it, but changing the component tells them the component was changed 
which should be enough explanation.

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