Prefs Removal Proposal

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Aug 29 16:09:12 UTC 2007

Here is a proposal for removing some prefs. Perhaps other people have 
other ideas.

*Prefs to remove*

docs_urlbase: hardcode to "<urlbase>/docs" and make sure the built docs 
are shipped in that location.

sslbase: hardcode to <urlbase> with s/http/https/.

proxy_url: Instead, use OS's mechanism for getting web content.

supportwatchers: hardcode to "on"

musthavemilestoneonaccept: just get rid of it; it's trivial to work around

commentonreassignbycomponent: don't see the point of this

usebugaliases: hardcode to "on"

Bug Moving: rip it all out; I bet it no longer works

mybugstemplate: the My Bugs link should be a saved search added to the 
new account, and treated like one, rather than a special undeletable 
link. This means it's not necessary for admins to be able to edit it.

*Other changes*

We need to move some prefs out of "Required Settings" which are 
blatantly not required (and that's most of them).

We should also reorder some prefs pages (e.g. Auth) to have the prefs in 
a more logical order.

Also, make some prefs only appear when necessary. E.g. the RADIUS 
category should only appear when RADIUS is being used. Same for LDAP. 
This would reduce complexity.


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