Customizability vs. Shipping a Good Product

tm at tm at
Fri Aug 17 06:25:34 UTC 2007

On 15.08.2007 17:04, Myk Melez wrote:
> (which, for administrators, could be simply direct access to the 
> localconfig file and the MySQL prefs table).

I really don't like the idea of requiring direct DB changes for any 
supported preferences. Even Firefox has a rudimentary UI for "hidden" 
preferences instead of requiring hacking JS files directly.

I also don't think we should have different system for such preferences 
because our current one can be extended easily. If we really want to 
"hide" some parameters we could simply not make links available to some 
of them in the normal Preferences page.

This doesn't mean I don't agree to make sure every preference is really 
required and that there's no way to automatically determine correct 
values to use.
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